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If you've been considering a career in providing crucial support and companionship for adults with disabilities, then Westside Community Focus is right for you! We're always looking for compassionate people to join our growing team of direct care professionals who are ready to make a positive impact in the lives of our community members. In this blog from Westside Community Focus, we'd like to discuss some of the things that working with disabled adults can teach you and help you grow, including developing greater patience, compassion, empathy, and successful communication skills.

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Are you a college student looking for a new career path? Westside Community Focus is a wonderful college job for students in the Oregon area for those looking to work with adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities! At Westside Community Focus, we have created a supportive and engaging environment that makes it easy to feel fulfilled by your job.

For college students interested in working part time with us at Westside Community Focus, we offer flexible hours, entry-level positions for students, learning opportunities about the social work field, and growth opportunities. If these benefits are the right fit for you during your college experience, please view our...

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If you have a family member with developmental disabilities, it can take extra care to ensure their safety, happiness, and quality of life. You can’t be there for your family member 24/7, but fortunately, there are organizations you can trust to assist with their care. Westside Community Focus is one of those organizations. Read on to learn more about how Westside Community Focus helps families of adults with developmental disabilities gain peace of mind, and contact us today!

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Do you want to help make the world a more inclusive place for adults with disabilities? It's easier than you think! All it takes is some education and a willingness to speak up. In this blog post, Westside Community Focus in Portland, OR will discuss tips on how to be a strong advocate for people with disabilities.

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If you are passionate about serving and caring for people with a variety of different care needs, Westside Community Focus is ready for you to apply. We pride ourselves on our inclusive atmosphere and our commitment to helping our clients get the care that they deserve. Learn more about our career opportunities and jumpstart your career in caregiving with Westside Community Focus!