Working At Westside Helps You Develop Lifelong Skills

Are you passionate about making a difference in the lives of adults with developmental disabilities? Do you want a career that allows you to learn and grow while positively impacting the community? Look no further than Westside Community Focus, a leading organization dedicated to assisting adults with developmental disabilities in the Portland Metropolitan area.

As a care provider at Westside, you will have the opportunity to work in our four five-resident Group Homes or our large Supported Living Program. Not only will you be providing essential care and support to individuals with developmental disabilities, but you will also develop invaluable lifelong skills along the way.

Here are four key skills you will learn while working at Westside:



Working with individuals with developmental disabilities requires flexibility and adaptability. Each person has unique needs and preferences, and as a care provider, you will learn how to adapt your approach to ensure each individual receives the personalized support they deserve.



Patience is a fundamental quality when working with individuals with developmental disabilities. At Westside, you will learn the power of patience in building trust, fostering independence, and promoting growth in those you care for.



Finding innovative ways to engage and support individuals with developmental disabilities is an essential skill. Westside encourages creativity among its care providers, providing you with opportunities to explore different approaches and strategies to enhance the lives of the individuals you work with.



The work of a direct care professional is rewarding but may also come with challenges. Through your experiences at Westside, you will develop resilience and perseverance in the face of obstacles. These qualities will not only benefit you in your career but also in all aspects of your life.

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At Westside Community Focus, we invite you to embark on this rewarding journey with us. Join our team; your talents and dedication can make a real difference in the lives of adults with disabilities.

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