How Westside Community Focus Changes Lives: From the People We Serve to Those That Serve

With a profound mission to enhance the lives of individuals in the Portland Metro area, Westside Community Focus is dedicated to delivering comprehensive disability programs for adults. For over five decades, our compassionate team of experts has been devoted to assisting adults with disabilities, ensuring that every member of our community receives personalized services that pave the way for a fulfilling and joyous life.

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Supported Living: Personalized Assistance for Everyday Living

Our services extend to clients residing in the community, be it in their own homes or with their families. Westside Community Focus offers a wide range of supported living services in Portland, catering to various needs. From aiding in household tasks to accompanying clients to medical appointments, we prioritize providing individualized support to empower each client to live confidently and independently.

group home for adults with disabilities and nurse

Group Homes: Safe, Vibrant, and Welcoming Living Space

At Westside Community Focus, we operate four Portland, Oregon group homes located in Multnomah County. Each of these residences accommodates up to five residents and is staffed with dedicated support personnel available 24/7. Within these nurturing environments, we foster safety, fun, and a supportive atmosphere that enables residents to flourish, socialize, and access the necessary services for their well-being.

nurses for adults with disabilities

Changing Lives: In Our Community and For Our Employees

Our commitment to transforming lives extends beyond supporting individuals with disabilities. At Westside Community Focus, we also empower our passionate employees who strive to make a positive impact on the lives of their fellow community members. Our devoted team goes the extra mile, delivering personalized care and support to every individual under our guidance.

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Choose Westside Community Focus

With our extensive expertise, wealth of experience, and unwavering dedication, Westside Community Focus stands as the premier choice for disability services in the Portland Metro area. We comprehend the unique challenges and opportunities that accompany living with a disability. Our firm belief is that, with the right assistance, everyone can lead a fulfilling, healthy, and happy life.

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Take the first step towards this transformative journey by contacting us today and discovering how we can help you or your loved ones embrace the life they deserve. If you're seeking to make a meaningful impact on our community, consider applying for a career with us.

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